Miniature Robot Creations use Fasteners in exciting Robot Project

RobotBackViewThe Irowe 4550 is a miniature robot packed full of sensors & electronics, while keeping things simple. Irowe can avoid objects via 4 IR sensors for a dimensional and more accurate detection system. It has floor sensors so that it can detect the edge of a table, so that it won’t fall over the edge. It can detect if it has been picked up and detect the light levels and turn lights on/off etc. It even has detection for moving objects such as a hand trying to confuse it and Irowe can follow it until the object leaves it alone.

Only 90mm length, 80mm wide & 60mm tall, weighing only 222 grams. Irowe’s circuits are all surface mounted technology & are handmade! Hand soldered! The chassis/body is 3d printed. The fittings are supplied by Fastening Solutions UK, get in touch if you are looking for threaded brass inserts.