FSUK now offers the popular HIS range of inserts in non standard lengths

Fastening Solutions UK have expanded their range of stock sizes of their popular FSUK HIS range of threaded brass Inserts by introducing a range of non preferred lengths – shorter than the standard stock range. The un headed brass insert which can be installed into most Thermoplastics by either direct heat or Ultrasonics, are now available from stock in the following sizes:

– FSUK HIS B – M3-4.0mm / M3-4.8mm / M4-4.8mm / M4-5.8mm / M4-7.2mm / M5-5.8mm / M6-9.5mm

We have also introduced an Imperial Size FSUK HIS 8.32UNC-7.00mm into our range for our Moulders dealing with clients that specify American Threads.


Look out for exciting news on the FSUK HISH headed version of the same insert soon …